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Why Sunsets?


Chapter 02
Founder, Tara Shupe - Why Sunsets?

Ever since I was little I spent my days outside. Climbing trees, digging holes and writing or drawing my thoughts. Without knowing it I was becoming addicted to the outdoors. The feeling of the sun on my face accompanied by all the sounds and smells felt like home.

It wasn’t until my college years in Southern Iowa during a really rough day that I had this sudden urge to chase the setting sun - cheesy sounding I know..but it’s exactly what I did. I jumped in my car and drove! I drove down gravel roads, dirt roads and maybe one paved road, (it’s small town Iowa) until I felt like I even needed to get out and go by foot. Sometimes I never left the car and other times I would walk until I found the perfect spot to sit. 

These moments started to become something I craved. Some days I even skipped dinner with friends to detox and have these moments. Call me an introvert, but it refueled me and reconnected me to me and in turn others as well. 

I never had a set goal, but soon I started bringing notebooks and as my photography passion evolved I brought my camera. Sometimes these adventures were short, and other times I spent hours either praying, crying, brainstorming, writing or simply sitting.

The sunset adventuring starting molding even more into my passions as I explored the world. I found myself still chasing the same sun and continuing to define what these moments could be...and somewhere along the way I realized, (introvert or not) I wanted to share this with others. 

Where does Wild Creatives come in? 

We are here to remind us make to time for these moments. Wild Creatives believes we can all thrive off the feeling of adventure, being disconnected - yet connected and finding inspiration in nature and each other. 

So, feel free to bring those inspiring tools; notebooks, cameras, paints, etc. and let yourself feel refreshed. Maybe you can even make a new friend during this time and go sunset adventuring weekly together!

This is why I chase the sun, but we are all different, so stay #wildlycurious and share what it means for you! 

-Tara Shupe 


 Wednesday May 25th from 7:45pm - Sunset.

(Location will be sent via email) 

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An Adventure For Two



Chapter 01
Kaley & Josh - An Adventure For Two

A lot of people in Kansas City desire to be adventurous and The Wild Creatives is an avenue for the curious ones to be a part of something bigger. My husband Joshua and I have found that there is a way to discover places near Kansas City that inspire creativity--it just takes a little more work. 


The Wild Creatives have been more than an advocate to get us there and have provided a community of people that share those same desires. After moving from the Rocky Mountains to Kansas City, it's nice to know we have a wildly curious community to lean on and to know we can bring about adventure no matter where we are. Joshua and I feel most alive on adventures together, and it’s neat to see a passionate group that's all about inviting people to a part of it.

- Kaley & Josh