Growing up in the Midwest, surrounded by a family of hikers, campers, and hunters, Tara developed her appreciation for the outdoors in all its splendor. She has memories of long road trips, sleeping in cars while driving through the night, tying up food in bags to keep it safe from bears, and the simple pleasure of sitting by the fire and looking at the stars. These experiences remained with her, helped shape her as an artist, and influenced her work. 

Tara wanted to create a community that was for all “creators” – one that connected curious individuals who may want to break free from his or her comfort zone. Or maybe those who just want to be a part of a wild adventure? This community believes in connecting with one’s wildly curious side, no matter the size of the adventure. Life is meant to be explored, so why not do it together?


Though Tara grew up in the Midwest, her passion to explore took her all around the world. Early in her creative career, she started chasing her dreams of becoming an artist outside of everything she knew. She traveled far and experienced it a lot. But when she returned home, she felt a void. She struggled to find that same “adventure” here in the Midwest. 

Feeling like creatives were only considered successful if they went elsewhere, Tara started thinking of a wild idea … what if we created our own adventure? What if it was as simple as learning to embrace the place we call home? And what if we connected locally with others who feel the same? If we choose to define our city and empower the creatives within it, we could become a community that shares, teaches, explores and connects – a community that challenges itself to break out of the norm and collaborate. We could help uplift those who are years into their craft, and help those dying to learn even basic fundamentals. We could be a movement that’s worth staying for!