1. Sunset Adventures 
    • Break out of your normal weeknight routine and join a group of Wild Creatives as they find a fun new route home. Explore, share and inspire as you explore the sunset around your city while making new friends! 
  2. Weekend Wanderings
    • Want to amp up your exploring! Try a weekend wandering, there are either 5-8 hours day trips or Friday evening - Sunday afternoon trips. You can reach about them each individually in our adventures section.
    • Each weekend wandering is different, with some focuses being on a certain technical skill, like "natural lighting in photography" or the focus is exploring and learning how to collaborate. Email us if you're looking for a certain one, or read over some of the upcoming adventures! 
    • There are usually limited seats, so act fast! 



  1. Artist Meet-Up's
    • Come enjoy a cup of coffee at a cool new coffee joint, or a late night cocktail at a speakeasy, or picnic in the park. Wild Creatives is a community highlighting different wild talents, so come and share what your working on, get advice from the person next to you or simply come for a good time!
  2. Featured Artists
    • ild Creatives is constantly looking for awesome talent and wild adventurers! Think you have some amazing art or creative service you'd like to see in the Wild Shop, shoot us an email to learn more. Or just fill out the artist feature form for a chance to be featured! 


  1. Artist Nights
    • We started creating first because we loved it, it's hard to remember that sometimes. Wild Creatives works with local artists to put together evening art nights that everybody can join in on! 
  2. Workshops
    • Want to learn more about photography, a certain creative programs or how to grow your social media? Stay tuned for the release of what Wild Creative workshops will be forming in the upcoming year to help amatuer to professional creatives in their different fields.